About Me and My Addiction

Hi guys, girls, and everyone in between! I’m Michelle, a recent Penn State grad. I’m taking a break before diving into grad school, and meanwhile I’m working on projects that I enjoy. Enough about that nonsense. Let’s get to what you came here for.

Books, books, books, books, books … I can’t get enough. Young adult, thriller, sci-fi, fantasy, classics … whatever! I’ll take my hit wherever I can get it! This blog is all about books, from the freshest new read to my favorites from childhood. Most likely, I will post about books in parts, so you can read along if you want to. Don’t worry, I won’t assign homework though.

I would be remiss if I didn’t admit that I was very much inspired by my friend’s book blog. She’s hilarious and spunky, but I’m better. Just kidding. But it is a competition. Again, just kidding. Everyone keep their heads. JUST CALM DOWN. There won’t be book nerd fighting here. Anyways, check out her hilarious and full-of-spoilers book blog at kelseylikesreading.com.

Beware: you will see pictures of my dog and cats in this blog. Like so …Cat Derp
It is unavoidable. Accept it. You’ll get used to it.

11 thoughts on “About Me and My Addiction

    1. I know exactly what you mean! Sometimes, even though I love to read, it’s just too easy to make excuses to do something else, like catch up with a show on Netflix. I like to squeeze in reading in more places during my day. I’ll read on my phone via Kindle app if I’m in a waiting room or something. I’ll also take a book with me to the gym to read while I’m on the elliptical or in the sauna!


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