The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson

What’s up, bibliophiles?

I have another wonderful book to share with you!! I just finished reading The Invoice by Jonas Karlsson. Before we jump into my thoughts, here’s a quick summary courtesy of Penguin Random House:

While the premise was simple, it was valuable in making me think about my own life. Lately, I feel as though student loans run my life and I’m constantly stressed about money. But when I look at my own “invoice”, I can see really positive things: happily married, food on the table for every meal, goofy, lovable pets, understanding friends, and close family. That makes life worth it, no matter the cost. Even more than that, different people have different expectations, values, and dreams. What may make one person happy, won’t make another happy. We just have to accept our own happiness and not compare our lives with those of other people. That’s what I hope all other readers take away from this book as well.

On another note, the writing was straightforward and to the point. The story was easy to follow and the narrator was fairly well-developed. You can feel his anxiety building as he attempts to deal with his invoice. It’s both humorous and saddening to explore his basic tastes and low expectations from life and yet, you find that he’s so happy. Again, it makes you re-evaluate your life and your expectations.

The only issue I had with the book was that it began to feel repetitive. As I mentioned already, the point was easy to grasp and I felt that the novel went on just a tad too long. It almost could have been more powerful as a short story.That aside, Jonas Karlsson, the author, did a fantastic job. Be sure to check out his bio here.

All in all, I greatly enjoyed my reading experience and I highly recommend this book. If you like stories that make you feel introspective, but you still want the feel of fiction, this is definitely the book for you!

Just a quick disclaimer, I received this book from Blogging for Books for this review. However, I love Blogging for Books, because there’s no requirement to write a positive review. They stress that they want honest reviews, and that’s what I’ve given you here! If you’re a blogger/reader too, check them out!

Until next time, bibliophiles….


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